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6 types of websites and how to choose the right one

Picking the right website type for your business is crucial. A website is essential to any small business’s online presence. This is because having a website allows your customers to easily find your business online and gather information or purchase from you 24/7.

However, with millions of websites online we can see why choosing one might be confusing. This article will help you understand which type of website is best for your business.

There are many different types of websites, but which type of website is right for you depends on what your business needs.

Before you look for a web designer or a website design, you should understand the different types of websites available. You should also check what your competitors are using. Different industries will need different business websites, to better attract customers and be customised to your advantage.

Doing your research will help ensure that when you build a website for your business it is done correctly from the start. This will help you avoid costly website redesigns or transitions later down the line. Many business owners come to us with websites which are not ideal for their line of business. To help you avoid this mistake do your research or contact us and we can help.

There are many popular types of websites. We have narrowed them down to the top 6 types of websites suitable for most businesses for you.

6 types of websites: 

Now while you can easily list a lot more than six types of websites, in general most websites fall under or overlap with one of these six types of websites. You can classify most websites into 2 general categories. Information-based websites and ecommerce websites. Then you can identify which type it is quite easily and quickly.

1. Information Based Websites 

  1. Homepage Websites –
  2. Portfolio Websites –
  3. Non-For-Profit Websites –
  4. Educational Websites  –
  5. Blog Websites  –
  6. Business Websites  – Service Based Websites & Product Based Websites

2. Ecommerce Websites  

Homepage Website

The homepage is the heart and face of a website. It is one of the common types of websites. While like an ecommerce website, a homepage website is more focused on the specific service or information a business offers to visitors.

It can take the form of an educational website, portfolio website, or any other style of professional website. However, usually homepage websites are used for simple business purposes.

The homepage introduces visitors to your website and sets the tone of your business. It shows visitors how to navigate the website, what is of interest and can also act as a conversion funnel. A homepage website should grab visitors’ attention and use a brand’s colours to make it clear what the website is about.

For an excellent example of a homepage website have a look at the website we created for Birkenhead Medical Centre.

A homepage website is a good fit for a business site if it specialises in only one or a few products and/or services.


Ecommerce Website

An ecommerce website is a business’s online store. It is where a business displays their products or services to customers, allowing them to easily browse through and purchase at any time.

A good ecommerce site usually makes online shopping easy. They generally offer a business integrated inventory, logistics and marketing tools and several custom website design templates. However, be aware that they do generally require more website development and work than other types and therefore can cost more. Check out our blog on the 5 best ecommerce platforms in 2022 in NZ for more information on ecommerce websites.

We designed Tyre Shop Online’s ecommerce website, check out their story and website here:

Sidenote: Some ecommerce websites may also use web portals. A web portal is basically the ‘logins’ you probably commonly encounter on multiple websites. These allow users access to specific information. Usually having a web portal allows your customers to keep track of their orders and receive special benefits through loyalty programmes, memberships or sales.


Magazine Website

Magazine websites are essentially online magazines, media websites or educational websites.

They generally contain articles, research, photos and more media that are of interest to their viewers. Most of these types of websites have a consistent layout and contents that are easily read.

Magazine websites are a great option if you are wanting to publish or collate works or information. Although, unless your business is in a specific industry, other options such as ecommerce or homepage websites are usually better for a business and its potential clients.

Examples of this are, Urban Omnibus, or our client Star Media.


Social Media Website

Social media websites also known as social media pages, are an excellent way to get and keep potential customers engaged with a business. No matter what industry a business is in, it’s extremely likely that its customers can be found on social media.

Social media pages work to a business’s advantage. They allow more people to become aware of a business and give customers another way to get and keep in touch with a business. You can consider them as mini forum websites linked to a business, helping it generate interest and sales. Also, as social media tends to be regularly updated (as it should be) it is excellent at creating great user experiences and growing customer relationships.

Social media pages are usually fixed design-wise, but you can customise the look of your business’s page and contents. Your social media pages should match your business’s website using the same colours, logos and tone.

An excellent example of social media websites (if we may say it ourselves) are: |


Portfolio Website

Portfolio websites are usually used as an online portfolio or brochure website for creative professionals. They generally focus on a specific topic and showcase the best ‘work’ in a personal website. They are great choices for artists, graphic designers or web designers or anyone looking for a professional online CV.

This type of website design is generally quite simple and offers information about the subject’s skills and experience. Although, portfolio website designs can be very creative and tailored to suit individual needs.

Excellent examples of portfolio websites are: | |

Looking for a professionally built portfolio website? Get in touch with us.


Blog Website

Blog Websites can come in the form of a blog or forum website like TED or Mr Money Mustache. They are usually focused on a specific topic. This website design is focused on providing readers with information and regular articles, photos and videos on the blog’s topic.

Many business websites incorporate a blog into their main website and the content published on this blog usually helps increase organic reach and SEO. You are on Digital Refinery’s Blog right now, 😊.

Examples: | | 

How To Choose the Right Type of Website for Your Business?

First, find a website type and design that suits your business, and your customers’ expectations. Next, consider what your business needs are and what you can afford. Then, find a website design agency or buy a domain name and web hosting and start building your website.

Different website types will cost more or less depending on the complexity of the website. Simple websites such as a blog or a static page should be cheaper than more complicated ones such as an ecommerce website. To get a better idea of What a website costs in NZ read our article: What a website costs in NZ.

Depending on the size if your website, the amount of time needed to build it will vary. Have a look at how long it takes to build a website to get an idea of how long your website might take.

Most small businesses use homepage or social media websites for their needs. If your business sells only a few products or services mainly locally, then these types of websites may suit your needs.

If you sell many products or services online, then an ecommerce website will likely be a good option for your business.

More educational and informational product or service businesses may suit a magazine website or blog better.

If you are looking for a professional online CV or portfolio then a portfolio website is the one for you.


Why a Build a Website?

Building a website is the first step in creating or improving the online presence of your business or personal brand. It seems deceptively simple, but building a good website actually takes a lot of time, work and expertise.

Furthermore, once your website is up and running the work doesn’t stop there. Your business’s website will probably need marketing, SEO, analysis and more. However, once you get all this set up and running, the results can be incredible for your business.

Our team of trusted experts at Digital Refinery specialise in helping people choose and design the right type of website for their business. We offer excellent customer support, making sure that you understand what is happening every step of the way, giving you clear and transparent advice.

Digital Refinery, website design Auckland-wide and globally.


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