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Marketing Dashboards & Analytics

Simplified marketing dashboards that make your monthly measuring and reporting automated and easy!

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Marketing Dashboards are for:

Our marketing dashboards and analytics reports are designed for savvy business owners and marketers like you! 

Whether you’re just starting out or running an established brand, our user-friendly dashboards will give you the power to understand your marketing efforts like never before.

No more guesswork or complicated spreadsheets! 

Track your social media performance, measure website traffic, and dive deep into your campaign data – all in one place. Our goal is to simplify the way you gather, interpret, and act on your marketing data, so you can make informed decisions and achieve remarkable results. 

“Say goodbye to data overwhelm and hello to actionable insights.”

Marketing Dashboard Levels

We offer three different levels for each dashboard type. Basic, Advanced and Customised.

Basic dashboards are suitable for those looking for a basic overview of commonly tracked metrics, I.e., for social media it would be likes, posts and followers. Advanced dashboards are for those looking to go more in depth on their analytics and track multiple advanced metrics. Customised are dashboards fully built to your reporting needs within the specified restrictions. You can see examples of each level with sample data for a social media dashboard below.

A Marketing Dashboard is helpful if you:

  • Have a website
  • Use Google, LinkedIn, Meta (Facebook) advertising or more
  • Want to save time
  • Need live data 24/7
  • Find analytics overwhelming
  • Don’t enjoy going into multiple advertising channels to look for data
  • Want a simplified system that is easy to understand
  • Need reporting done for a board or to present to stakeholders

The immediate benefits of a marketing dashboard are:


You save lots of time as you don't need to log into multiple systems and find your data.

Clear Insights

You can clearly see what is working and what needs work.

Analytics Simplified

You can simplify your marketing analytics so you spend time finding insights rather than sorting through data.


You can stay on top of and monitor multiple campaigns from one place.

Share Easily

You can easily share and communicate progress with other stakeholders like board members or teammates.

Clean Reporting

It provides you data in a simple and easy to understand format.


Here are the common questions that our customers ask before they work with us. 

We use Google Analytics 4, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Ads, Instagram, and many other platform tracking systems to track the actions users take on your website and against your brand online.
We pride ourselves on being a top google analytics nz tracking service provider.

Yes. we can track and audit the performance of your website as well as supply recommendations on how to improve it. Simply enquire about our web analytics dashboard.

Yes. Your dashboard is linked to your website and other platforms which supply it with real-time data on your campaign’s performances. You can see conversion rates, bounce rates, lead generation and more all in one place.

Yes. Our digital marketing strategy service complements our digital marketing dashboard service excellently. You receive easy to understand data on your marketing campaigns in the marketing metrics you understand and high level insights and recommendations. We also make it easy to share your marketing performance dashboards with your marketing team or company board.

Platforms we track