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The right SEO setup is critical for any business to succeed online. Get a technical SEO audit done today!  

“SEO opens up opportunities for your business that you never knew existed. Keywords that can change your financial numbers”  

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Benefits of investing in SEO

Given that the vast majority of online experiences start with a search engine, SEO assists you in boosting your website’s search engine ranking on search results pages. This makes the chance that potential customers will discover and explore your website higher.

Why audit with us?

We have spent 1000’s of hours auditing websites from various industries. This gives us an understanding of what to look for when checking SEO setups and issues on Google. Once identified, we will create a plan and help you fix it.  
Each industry has different requirements, and each website is different. We understand the core of what makes a website great on a search engine such as Google.  
We perform seo audits nz-wide and globally.

What will you get in your SEO audit?

How your website is built is critical to the success of your business. We have powerful SEO site audit tools that help us crawl your website’s backend and see what Google can see.

We then identify any Google penalties, duplicate content, internal linking or SEO issues and inform you.

You will agree that if the foundation is not strong, eventually things will crumble and fall.

The right SEO setup helps your website align with Google’s requirements for ranking and search traffic.

We check for technical issues like meta tags, title tags and meta descriptions, image alt tags and much more to understand if you have the right setup in place.

Your site’s page speed directly affects SEO rankings. No one likes slow websites, including Google!
We will help you identify your site’s speed and any issues it may have and report back to you. If you need help fixing these issues, we can do that too depending on the platform.
We have state of the art SEO audit tools like google search console that help us see where your website currently sits on Google organic searches.
Once we have identified the keywords you are ranking for, we then help you take that to the No.1 position once we work together.

We can see where you rank compared to your competition. We can also see who is getting the best traffic and gaining business.

Insight into your competitors also opens up a world of opportunity to see what other keywords you can rank higher for.

We understand you are not SEO experts and some of the terms will go straight over your head. So, we jump on a quick online call and run you through our findings.

We explain everything in layman’s terms with examples so you understand where your SEO currently stands and how SEO services might be able to help you.

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The right SEO setup is critical for any business to succeed online. Get your website audited today. 

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