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How to protect your WordPress website from being hacked?

Defenders of Your Website: Making Your WordPress Stronger

In today’s session, let’s explore simple ways to protect your WordPress website from potential hacks. Join us every Thursday @ 3pm on Instagram Live to delve into the essentials of digital security.

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In the online world, it’s super important to keep your WordPress website safe. Here are some easy steps to make sure it’s well protected:

1. Super Strong Password: Your password is like the key to your castle. Keep it secret, just for you. If someone needs access, make a new user with fewer powers. Keeping things secret is step one.

2. Change Your Username: Instead of using ‘Admin’ as your name, pick something tricky. ‘Admin’ is easy for bad guys. Make your username more complex to stay safe.

3. Keep Things Updated: Plugins are like your website’s bodyguards. Keep them up to date to keep your website safe and sound.

4. Secret Login Path: Change your login web address to something special. This makes it harder for hackers to get in.


Adding Extra Protection with WordPress Apps:

More Safety with Apps:

  • iThemes: An app to keep your website safe.
  • Wordfence: Another app to guard your website.

See What Users Do:

  • Stream: Tells you what people are doing.
  • WP Activity Log: Keeps a record of everything on your website.
  • Simple History: A diary for your website.

Stopping Bad Bots:

  • StopBadBots Plugin: Keeps out the bad robots.
  • Good Hosting: A strong hosting plan helps against big DDOS attacks.
  • Block Countries: Stop bad traffic from countries causing trouble.

In the always-changing online world, being ready is key. Use these simple tips and tools to make your WordPress website a strong and safe place.


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