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Missed The GA4 Migration Deadline?

Google has now officially stopped recording your analytics data from (Universal Analytics). This means that all your marketing data flowing into analytics has also come to a grinding halt.

Act Fast to Get Your Business Back on Track

Step 1) Use our contact button and get in touch with our technical team for a free check to know your status.

Step 2) A quote will be provided after a quick check with a fixed fee. We then will request access to your old analytics + website.

Step 3) We will then help you add the new GA4 tracking code on your website, so data can start flowing.

Step 4) Once data starts collecting we can then migrate all your conversions into the new portal and connect it to any existing or new software you need like Google ads, Meta (Facebook ads) and other reporting tools.

Get in touch now to avoid data loss.

What Is GA4?

In simple terms, if your business has a website and you do any marketing activities there is usually a tracking software needed to collect all data. Most businesses have been using a free system called Universal Anaytics developed by Google which is added to the backend of your website and tracks and reports all your marketing activities like Google ads, SEO, Facebook marketing and any other forms of digital advertisements. Google has just introduced its latest tracking system which is completely different to previous versions (Universal Analytics –UA)It’s called GA4 or the 4th iteration of the Google Analytics software.  

Why Is This A Big Change And What Action Do You Need To Take?

On the 1st of July 2023, all tracking and data from the previous version of Google Analytics (UA) will completely STOP. This means if you were tracking any activities, no more data will be flowing through as UA is no longer processing data. This is a big change because the way activity is tracked is fundamentally changing, this means you can’t copy your previous data into the new system. It only works when you setup the new GA4 system on your website. All previous activity then becomes useless because you cannot compare the old system to the new one. The new GA4 system is event based and not session based like the old UA system, this is why your data cannot be compared or copied over as it is fundamentally different.


What action should you take today?

Get a free check done to see if you have any previous versions of the old analytics setup (like Universal analytics properties).

We will help identify this and let you know what next steps you can take. This includes making the switch to Google Analytics 4.

What will we be doing in the analytics check?

We will be using our software to see what analytics code has been setup on your website.
We will then let you know the next steps. Take advantage of our free Google Analytics service now.

What information we need from you?

We just need the link to your website. The best way to send this to us is by filling in the form.

How much will this new setup cost?

Our analytics service offers 2 layers of setup for GA4.

Making sure you have the new GA4 system setup + tracking code installed on your website.
Next step is to tag things on your website that you want to track.

Part 1 is approx. between $ 350 to $500 (excluding GST) depending on what you already have setup. Part 2 varies based on how many tags you want setup and the complexity of things.

The analytics check is the best way to get the accurate pricing.

Do we need the login to your website?

No. Not at this stage, only if you want us to set up the new GA4 system.

What are the next steps after the analytics check?

Once we have done the check, we will suggest what you need. If you need us to do the work, we can send you a quote for it and get it done for you. We will also help you get properly started with google analytics.

I don’t have Google Analytics setup, do I need to do this?

If you don’t have one, you should definitely get one. The platform is 100% free from Google.
Once it is set up correctly it can give you a lot of insights about your business.
You can also set up reports that get emailed to you automatically about your business performance. If you run your own marketing or someone else does, it helps you keep track of the things that are happening on your website and track marketing performance for platforms like Google Ads, SEO, Facebook and so on.

When do I need to action this for my business?

You need to action this ASAP as it takes time to migrate the analytics and set things up. As this affects all businesses we expect a huge volume of enquiries.

Does this apply to Shopify and Ecommerce businesses?

Yes, this affects all businesses. Even if you have data being collected directly through Shopify you cannot track all activity accurately and report on it like GA4.

How will this help my business?

Google Analytics 4 is a highly sophisticated system created by Google. It can help track all organic and advertisement related activity on your website or app.
You can setup automatic reporting and custom reports to be emailed to you weekly on your business performance.

Do you need to pay for the software GA4?

No. A Google Analytics account is free as well as Google Analytics 4 properties. Both are run and developed by Google. You only need to pay once to get it installed correctly.

What type of things can you track if I setup GA4?

We can track the number of people who submit enquiry forms, phone number clicks, page views, people who visit your websites and apps from social media and a whole lot more.

Why Should You Get It Set Up Professionally?

We are experts who possess in-depth knowledge of GA4 and we can configure it to align with your specific business goals. We can help you navigate potential pitfalls, ensure accurate data tracking, and provide ongoing Google Analytics consulting, support and guidance during the transition. Professional setup ensures that you make the most of GA4’s capabilities and seamlessly integrate it into your existing digital marketing strategies. 

Comprehensive Insights: GA4’s advanced tracking capabilities offer a holistic understanding of user interactions, providing invaluable insights to refine marketing strategies and improve return on investment. 

Enhanced Cross-Platform Tracking: GA4 seamlessly integrates data from websites, mobile apps, and other platforms, enabling you to analyse the complete customer journey across devices. This allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of user behavior and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. 

Audience Discovery: GA4’s machine learning capabilities help identify new audience segments, enabling you to target and engage untapped customer bases effectively. By understanding your audience better, you can tailor your marketing efforts to resonate with their preferences and needs, driving greater business success. 

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