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Our Website Design Process

Our goal is to make this process as easy and simple as possible for you.

Please note – Our process below for building website’s starts after the content creation for your website is completed by you or your copywriter.

Step 1 – Plan & Research

The first step is making sure we take your suggestions on board and do research to understand your business better.  
Next, we give you a timeline, so you know when to expect your completed website.  
We do extensive research based on your input on your competitors, industry and the websites that you like. This is to make sure the website we design and develop is unique website and suited to your business needs.  
We develop a comprehensive site map and conduct competitor research. Our ultimate goal is to create a website that truly meets the needs of our clients and their target audience.

Step 2 – UX/UI design

During this phase of the web design process, we explore the most effective ways to represent your brand.
Our team works tirelessly to identify key design elements that will showcase your business’s unique style and strengths. We also find a site structure that will complement them. 
We also meticulously integrate your brand colors and fonts to ensure we design a website with a consistent, cohesive experience from start to finish, in line with your brand guidelines.

Step 3 – Website Design & Layout

At step 3, we turn our attention to designing a homepage that sets the tone for your brand. We also create pages with intuitive and easy navigation.

Step 4 – Your First Review

During this step you get the opportunity to review your website. This is where you give us feedback to ensure it is in line with what you like. 

Step 5 – Functionality & Forms

Here, we take the time to set up the backend of your website to ensure it is fully functional and optimised. 
We set up forms such as contact forms, so that your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. We also set up your Google Analytics 4 tracking.
Additionally, we make any necessary set-ups to optimise your website’s performance and functionality. 
This is also where we set up extra items like content management systems (cms) or social media integrations etc.
Our goal is to provide a smooth and enjoyable user experience for your website’s visitors.

Step 6 – Responsive Design

During step 6, our focus is on optimising your site architecture for mobile and tablet devices. This is to ensure a seamless user experience across all devices. 
We work diligently to ensure that your website’s development, design, layout, and functionality are all optimised. Both for smaller screens and touch navigation. By doing this, we ensure that visitors can easily and quickly access all landing pages and content, regardless of their device. 

Step 7 – Your Final Review & Feedback

At step 7, we closely collaborate with you to fully incorporate your feedback into the website. 
Our team carefully reviews all feedback and makes the necessary changes to ensure your website aligns with your vision and requirements. 
After your feedback is finalised, we seek confirmation from you to proceed with the testing and launch. To ensure a successful outcome, we may need to make adjustments to the timeline and time estimates. This helps us to address any complexities that may arise during the feedback and confirmation process. We aim to ensure your full satisfaction with your website and optimise it for success. 

Step 8 – Testing & Website Launch

In step 8 of our website design process, we prioritise the security and functionality of the website before launching it. 
We take the time to carefully test all forms, links, old URLs, and H1 title tags to ensure that they are correct. 
To identify and fix any possible issues, we scan the website using our software and check for any errors. We then make any necessary adjustments before going live. 
Additionally, we update the website’s plugins to ensure that they are functioning correctly. 
To maintain your website’s security, we set up security measures. We non-index pages on the website so that sensitive or unnecessary pages are not indexed by search engines. 
Then, we launch your website!

Step 9 – Post Launch & Project Finish

We are thrilled to announce that your website project has been successfully completed.
Our team performs a final check of your website to ensure that all components are functioning correctly, and most importantly, that you are happy with the result. 
We provide you with any necessary training and support to help you maximise the potential of your new website. 
Remember, we are always here to provide ongoing support should you require any further assistance. We appreciate your trust in our services and thank you for choosing us for your website project. 

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