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Using Ai for Content Creation and Saving Time

Welcome to the era where creativity meets efficiency! In today’s Live, we’re diving into the game-changing realm of using AI for content creation—a journey that not only sparks innovation but also saves you precious time. Discover how harnessing the power of AI transforms the way we craft compelling content, making every word count without the clock ticking away.

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1. How can AI help us save time when creating content?

AI lends a helping hand in the content creation process, taking care of the groundwork for you. Tools like ChatGPT and Bard can be your content sidekicks, assisting with the first draft, idea generation, editing, and proofreading. Picture this: Instead of diving into extensive research before drafting a blog, AI can do the heavy lifting, providing a foundational draft, and even suggest visual content. It’s like having a content wingman.

And here’s the kicker – you can repurpose existing content! No need to start from scratch. Just let AI tweak and refine it for a fresh take. But remember, while AI sets the stage, it’s the human touch that brings out the real magic.

Have a look at this social media post on Google Ads Copy: Things to Avoid that I repurposed with Canva’s AI tool to generate this blog post on Things to Avoid in Google Ads Copy.

2. What are some user-friendly AI tools that even beginners can use for content creation?

For beginners stepping into the AI realm, tools like ChatGPT and Bard open up a world of possibilities. Canva and Kapwing make content creation accessible, offering a seamless blend of creativity and AI assistance.

We use ChatGPT for brainstorming and drafts for blogs, complemented by Canva’s AI tools for visual content. An AI detector tool helps us ensure our content sounds just right and not robotic, and a human touch gives it that engaging spark. For video generation, we’re still on the lookout for the perfect tool – suggestions are welcome!

I tried putting the same prompt in three different text to image AI-generation tools (Canva, Craiyon and Hotpot) and I think the best result came from Canva’s AI tool.

My prompt was: “A bumblebee avatar with the words digital refinery written across its chest, make it look friendly and cute“. As you can see the written text generation in images still needs work, but the rest of the results are pretty impressive.

3. Are there any potential challenges or pitfalls when incorporating AI into content creation?

While AI is a fantastic ally, it’s not a replacement for your unique touch. Avoid over-reliance; let AI enhance, not take over. Personalisation risks sounding robotic, so make edits to keep it relatable and on-brand. You need to keep your end user in mind, ensure what you have created is engaging and easy for them to understand. And remember, the data ChatGPT uses is from before September 2021 (live internet connection coming soon).

Also, safety is paramount – be cautious with client data. Don’t use any private or important client data in AI and ensure anything you create is in line with any policies or regulations you have to follow.

Balance is key; blend human creativity with AI insights for optimal results.

4. How to integrate AI into your content creation workflow?

Plan wisely. Explore available AI tools and identify areas where AI can help streamline your workflow. Without knowing what tools are out there and their purposes its hard to know what can help you optimise and save time, so you need to first put in some time learning about AI tools. For us, AI helped save time in research, planning, and first draft generation. Keep a handy list of prompts that work well with AI on hand.

5. How do you use AI in your day-to-day to save time?

In my daily grind, AI is a lifesaver. From summarising lengthy emails to drafting initial content, generating documents and reels, tackling complex Excel formulas, and ideation for various tasks, AI is my digital multitool. It’s the go-to for quick data analysis, language translation, and product research. The versatility of AI is a time-saving marvel!

Remember, the essence lies in recognising repetitive, time-consuming tasks – that’s where AI can be your silent efficiency partner.



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