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True Furniture supplies quality designer furniture across New Zealand. Locally owned and operated and based in Tauranga, their mission is to help make homes exquisite by providing customers with incredible products, excellent service and durable quality at competitive prices. 

The Challenge

True Furniture was frustrated as they were not receiving sales but were paying their old agency high fees for management. In fact, True Furniture decided to run its own Facebook ads because of the poor performance of its past two agencies. True Furniture did have Google Ads running which performed decently, but the reach was limited, and they were missing out on potential customers by not running display ads.  

True Furniture’s website was not ranking organically in Google Searches. Their Google and Facebook Ads were not getting good conversions and they were frustrated by being locked into contracts and charged high fees for digital marketing management. There was also little to no advice and poor communication from their previous marketing partners. One of their main challenges was the shipping prices for larger items were causing customers to purchase from competitors.  

Creative Website Design 

True Furniture’s website content lacked finer details that would help build customer trust. We worked together with True Furniture to identify profitable products and restructure the website based on Google Analytical data. Using insights gained from Analytics, we identified how customers looked for products and then refined the design. We also recommended adding a Facebook chatbot to her website as we identified that people had burning questions and needed instant answers from her before purchasing her products.  

After this, we re-designed the website with a better Shopify theme to improve the look and feel as the visual appeal of a brand is important in terms of how customers perceive products. This was especially important for True Furniture as they do not have a physical store where customers can browse products.  


We performed an ecommerce SEO audit on True Furniture’s website to identify the issues causing their SEO to underperform. It revealed SEO setup issues and missing meta tags, both important factors in SEO. This is because these factors help tell Google what True Furniture product pages are about.


True Furniture now has:

  • #1 Ranking for Target Keyword
  • #3 Position for 5 Keywords
  • 21 Brand-new Additional Keywords Ranking
  • 65% Organic Traffic Increase!
  • 9 Keywords on 1st Page of Google

After optimising True Furniture’s SEO, they have shown huge improvement in Google Search rankings. They are ranking for an additional 21 keywords, have five keywords in the top 3 position and are ranking #1 for their target keyword. They also have 9 keywords ranking on Google Search page 1, their average position has increased by 50 points and their visibility by 6.93%, excellent numbers for these digital marketing statistical results. 

We continue to support their business and help them dominate their space online.  


Facebook Ads

The first step in optimising True Furniture’s Facebook Ads was identifying which products were popular and had excellent marketing potential. Next, we created A/B tests to identify which messaging worked best with customers, followed by setting up the Facebook pixel to ensure accurate tracking.  

We created and worked on specific Facebook ad campaigns through various sales periods like Queen’s Birthday to boost conversions as we knew people would be actively searching at these times. We also identified other growth opportunities in terms of products that were in demand and would cost less in shipping that she could sell and make a profit (e.g- Coat stands).

Client Testimonial

The Team (Azriel and Marina) I am currently working with at Business Refinery are absolutely amazing. I reached out to them to take over the SEO side of my website. They are completely transparent, and they show me exactly what they are doing every step of the way. I can already see the results after only 2 months of working with them. Thanks Team!!! Look forward to working with you for many years to come!!!!

True Furniture

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